Office: 6F Jin Cheng Mansion, 511 Tian Mu Road (west), Shanghai,200070,PRC 

Tel: 0086 21 6353 8252 (Direct) 

Fax: 0086 21 6353 7687

Factory: No. 65 Xing Wu Road, Suzhou, Jiangsu Province, 215124, PRC

Company profile

Since 1995, SHCB -previously known as “China Best”- is a leading manufacturer & supplier in China mainland for several armed forces, police, SWAT and various security related forces and organizations of many countries around the world.

SHCB’s Security Department strong & longtime experienced working team is always improving its working management, staff knowledge & working schedules to fit different customer’s needs, time schedules and any other requests.

SHCB products and supplies a large range of military, police, different public & private professional security related use products. Mainly, Military Uniform, ACU, BDU, Overall, Military Boots, Beret, Military Belt, Raincoat & Poncho, Backpack, Tactical Jacket, Camouflage Net, Gas Mask, Badge, Insignia, Ceremonial Sword, and many other accessories on request. 

  • CB20217 M65
    CB20217 M65
  • CB20108 BDU
    CB20108 BDU
  • CB20123 ACU
    CB20123 ACU
Shoes & BootsMore>>
  • CB303015 Combat Boot
    CB303015 Combat Boot
  • CB30344 Camouflage Boots
    CB30344 Camouflage Boots
  • CB30356 Officer Shoes
    CB30356 Officer Shoes
Caps & HatsMore>>
  • CB30104 Beret
    CB30104 Beret
  • CB30129 Balaclava
    CB30129 Balaclava
  • CB30130 Cap
    CB30130 Cap
  • CB10456 Military Backpack
    CB10456 Military Backpack
  • CB10485 Military Backpack
    CB10485 Military Backpack
  • CB10491 Military Backpack
    CB10491 Military Backpack
  • CB30500(1) Military Belt
    CB30500(1) Military Belt
  • CB30500(4) Military Belt
    CB30500(4) Military Belt
  • CB30526 Police belt set
    CB30526 Police belt set
Apparel & AccessoriesMore>>
  • CB30714 Gloves
    CB30714 Gloves
  • CB30604 Socks
    CB30604 Socks
  • CB30901  Scarve
    CB30901 Scarve
Badges& Insignias AiguilletteMore>>
  • CB40406 Collar Badge
    CB40406 Collar Badge
  • CB40304 Cap Badge
    CB40304 Cap Badge
  • CB40301 Beret Badge
    CB40301 Beret Badge
Security ProtectionMore>>
  • CB10584 Bullet proof vest
    CB10584 Bullet proof vest
  • CB10606 EOD Suit
    CB10606 EOD Suit
  • CB10608 Helmet
    CB10608 Helmet
Gas MasksMore>>
  • CB18 Gas mask
    CB18 Gas mask
  • CB22 Gas mask
    CB22 Gas mask
  • CB20 Gas mask
    CB20 Gas mask
Swords & KnivesMore>>
  •  CB10701 Sword
    CB10701 Sword
  • CB10708 Sword
    CB10708 Sword
  • CB10709 Sword
    CB10709 Sword
Camouflage NetsMore>>
  • Multi-speture camo net
    Multi-speture camo net
  • Sandland camo net
    Sandland camo net
  • Woodland camo net
    Woodland camo net
  • CB10105 Camping Bed
    CB10105 Camping Bed
  • CB10122 Sleeping bag
    CB10122 Sleeping bag
  • CB10202 Tent
    CB10202 Tent